Tina Evans

Why Is Zodiac Inaccurate?

If you’ve ever wondered how the signs of the Zodiac are determined, you’re not alone. Precession has affected the position of stars and the zodiac signs for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks and Babylonian astrologers chose their signs based on constellations. These days, however, it’s not possible to use astrological signs to predict your destiny. …

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Can Astrology Be Wrong?

You may have read that astrology has no connection to the material world, linear time, or astronomy. However, the art of interpreting the stars and planets is based on these concepts. Astrology is a metaphysical art and has no scientific basis. Whether it works is a matter of opinion, but many people swear by it. …

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Why Astrology Is Bad

The Enoch texts were deemed sacred texts by early Christians and speak of the illegal transmission of knowledge. In fact, Amy E. Richter argues that astrology knowledge is imparted by agents of God who are in the form of angels. While rebel angels seek to change the physical world, good angels teach prophets to understand …

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