Tina Evans

How Much Astrology Is True?

There are several arguments to be made for and against astrology. These arguments range from lack of scientific validation to falsifiability. The influence of astrology on personality is also a debate worthy of further exploration. The following are some common arguments against astrology. Let’s look at each of them in turn. In the end, the …

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What Are the Different Types of Astrology?

What Are the Different Types Of Astrology? Astrology has been around for centuries. While it still has strong religious significance for many cultures, its credibility suffered a serious blow during the Enlightenment period, when the scientific advancement of astronomy began to cast doubt on the astrological principles that had been practiced for centuries. Today, most …

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Are Zodiac Signs Accurate?

Are Zodiac signs accurate? Read on to find out more. The zodiac signs are the astrological representations of people’s personalities. Some people are ambitious, materialistic, and workaholic, while others are more emotional and loyal. Here’s a look at each sign to see whether it matches yours. You can also learn about the personalities of Capricorn, …

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