Can I Change My Astrology Prediction?

Have you ever wondered – Can I change my astrology prediction? If yes, here’s how! Firstly, astrological predictions must go through the filters of the astrologer. The astrologer’s biases may influence and corrupt the prediction. Also, some astrologers may be biased and not very experienced, and based on inaccurate birth data or transiting planetary positions, your prediction may be totally wrong.

Can you change your horoscope?

The zodiac can be an accurate guide to a new beginning. There are countless myths surrounding the zodiac, but the truth is far more interesting. While the zodiac is not a science, it offers comfort and guidance much like reading fantasy stories. You can change your horoscope to suit your needs, or you can choose to ignore it altogether. You should always include your email address so you can receive an answer by email when you have a question.

Can you change your astrology prediction?

Can you change your astrology prediction? Yes, but there are several reasons why you should. First, astrological predictions pass through the filters of an astrologer, who may have their own biases and influence the results. In addition, some astrologers may be ill-trained and use inaccurate birth data and transiting planetary positions. In any case, these factors can compromise the accuracy of the prediction.