Can I Get Government Job Astrology?

The answer may surprise you. You might think that a government job is impossible for you if your Sun is in the 11th house. However, this article will explain what this means and how to get the job you’ve always wanted. You’ll also learn about your lagna lord, Mercury and Jupiter. They are important elements for gaining employment in any field. Ultimately, a government job is a great way to support yourself and your family.

Sun in the 11th house

The planetary ruler of the eleventh house is the Sun. People with the Sun in the 11th house are highly ambitious, and are highly regarded. This is because of the karakas of both the Sun and Jupiter in the 11th house. People with the Sun in the 11th house have an excellent chance of getting a Government job. However, if your Sun is in a trine to the 11th house, you will likely get a job that will require you to work hard and earn a large amount of money.

There are many benefits of Sun in the eleventh house. This placement brings early success and servants. The downside is that it aspects the 5th house of progeny, which often means trouble begetting a child. Other negative effects of having the Sun in the 11th house include defamation, troubles with siblings, and trouble with progeny. But the positives far outweigh the drawbacks.

If you are a native of the 11th house, your Sun in the eleventh house may indicate that you are rich and have many different jobs, businesses, and professions. These occupations may be highly lucrative, and you may be able to build up a large savings account to use for retirement or to invest in new endeavors. A native with a Sun in the 11th house will be well-known and respected by many.

This placement is considered to be the best choice for those who want to be leaders and serve the people. If your Sun is in the 11th house, this placement is a good choice for a government job. People with this placement often have a heart for humanitarian work and are very socially conscious. A native with a sun in this position may find great fame on social media or even be a social media influencer.

Lagna lord

The planetary configuration of your Lagna lord in the chart is crucial for a successful government job. A good placement of the Lagna lord in the 10th or 11th house is ideal. Your Ascendant lord is important as well. The planetary configuration of the 10th and 11th houses indicates luck and good fortune, and can help you land a government position.

Generally, you will need to consider the position and sector of your Lagna lord if you want to obtain a government position. Academic and research jobs are particularly influenced by the lord of the 8th house. A poorly placed 10th lord can indicate laziness and loose morals. In general, your Lagna lord will help you get a good job in your chosen field.

Gemini’s Lagna lord is Mercury. This planet will be in the sign of Aquarius, which deals with gains and charity. You may find it easy to make money by working behind the scenes. Those with a Lagna lord in Virgo may want to consider real estate work or products geared towards women. Libras, on the other hand, will probably seek employment in creative fields, such as arts or media.

As mentioned before, there are several other important planets to consider for a government job. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all important planets, and placements in these positions can play an important role in obtaining a government job. When Jupiter and Mercury are in a favorable position, you can expect a job in the government. Similarly, the Lagna lord should be in a position of favor as well.


Jupiter and government job astrology are both related to wealth and fame. The position of Jupiter and Mars in a birth chart will enhance your chances of landing a coveted government job. The Sun in your chart should be in its own sign, strong, and free from malefic influences. Your Sun’s placement in your chart should be in harmony with the sign of your tenth house, which rules the realm of money.

The placement of the planets in your chart will also play a major role. If your Mars and Sun are in a sexy position, you may land a government job. If you have strong planetary alignments in these houses, you may have an easier time acquiring a lucrative government job than in the private sector. In either case, if your Jupiter and Sun are strong in the sign of your 10th house, you may be more likely to receive a promotion.

If you are a teacher in a government school, your natal planets indicate a strong planetary configuration that can bring about your dream job. The Sun and Jupiter are conjunct in the 9th house in your natal chart. Jupiter is in the sign of Leo in your chart. Mercury is also conjunct with the Sun in your natal chart. The combination of these planets creates a powerful yoga for government jobs.

Similarly, Saturn plays an important role in your career choice. Its position can interfere with your career development if your moon and sun are weak. If your Sun and Moon are strong, you may have a better chance of securing a government position. So, if you have both of these planets in your natal chart, you are well on your way to securing a government job. However, there are a few things you should consider when applying for a government position.


The relationship between Mercury and a government job can be confusing for those who have a planetary combination. It is best to consult an astrologer for a thorough analysis of your chart to find out if this combination is favourable. The horoscopes of government employees usually have Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto in the same sign. In other words, if these planets are conjunct, then you have a good chance of getting hired in the government.

The placement of the planets in your birth chart can also suggest your potential for a government job. The Sun, Jupiter, and Mars all have a positive influence on your chances of getting a government job. The Sun, when in your first house, will help you focus your energy on your career and ambitions. Mars and Mercury can be in the second house, representing your wealth and assets, and Mercury in the sixth house is a sign that reflects your career goals. Mercury and government job astrology can also help you find out whether you’re meant to be a government employee, or whether you’re more suited for a secret agency role.

In government astrology, Mars rules sectors that involve physical and mental courage, so people with Mars in their chart are likely to be in commanding positions. Mars is also the ruler of law and order, and therefore can be ideal for police, military, and even professional athletes. Mercury, on the other hand, is the planet of communication, so a government job related to this planet is likely to be glamorous. Ketu, Saturn, and Rahu play roles that are more clerical and less glamorous.


If you are considering a career in the government, then the planetary placement of Saturn and Sun in your birth chart is significant. Sun in Virgo and Saturn in Libra are the best planets for such a position. Both of these planets rule the 10th and 9th houses, which make them good choices for a government position. The best kundali yoga for Saturn and government job astrology is Gajakesari Yoga. The other kundali yogas for government jobs are Adhi Yoga, Gajakesari yoga, and Panch Mahapurusha yoga. All of these yogas are beneficial for the native seeking a government position, and each of them offers unique benefits.

A karmic horoscope for a government position can include a number of astrological factors. First and foremost, a good Sun-Saturn relationship will indicate a career that involves growth and success. Second, if you have the conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in your chart, you can expect to be a teacher, doctor, or education professional. Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house are good choices for a government position, though they can also indicate a non-government position.

The planets Saturn and Jupiter in your birth chart can also be very helpful in gaining a government job. This combination can increase your chances of obtaining a government job by allowing you to make a good impression on others. Saturn and Jupiter in the 10th house is a highly auspicious yoga for a government job. Jupiter is the karaka of luck, and its presence in this house can be a good sign as well.