Do Astrology Remedies Work?

There are several ways to rebalance your horoscope and strengthen good planets. However, not all remedies are equally effective. Some remedies work to strengthen only the bad planets, while others have the opposite effect. Listed below are some of the most common remedies, and how they work. Keep reading to learn more! Also, keep reading for tips on Meditation and Mantras to strengthen your planets.


You may have heard about mantras for astrology remedies, but what exactly are they? Astrology remedies are said to help you reduce the negative effects of malefic planets in your horoscope. In addition, some of these remedies may help you fulfill your inner desires, too. These remedies may range from Vedic remedies that have been handed down through the ages to more modern ones that are more appropriate for today’s lifestyle. Some astrology remedies are as simple as donating to old age homes or orphanages.

Whether you’re looking for a way to improve your career or are trying to find a job, a good career is a necessary component of a happy life. It’s not easy to change your destiny, but you can use astrology remedies to find solutions to these challenges. Often, the crow represents Saturn, and this planetary ruler is believed to assist with career advancement. If you’d like to get promoted at your job, try offering a cup of boiled rice to the crow.

In astrology, Mantras have a great deal of importance. They are thought to evoke a particular vibration and energize the person with the energy of a planet. A great example of a chant is the Budh Mantra, which is easy to chant. But, you must remember that you must chant it correctly to get the full effect. You should also remember to chant it in a certain number of times, as well as the correct pronunciation.

Using a mantra to reduce the malice of Mars and Saturn in the 4th house is a great way to improve your life. This is because astrology remedies are meant to help people get rid of the problems caused by these planets. You can use mantras to attract wealth, health, and prosperity, and can ward off many diseases. You can also try a mantra to get rid of bad karma.


Astrology prescribes specific practices to help us deal with various conditions and bad effects of the planets. Meditation, for example, is a powerful tool to combat bad effects caused by planets. It can protect us from impending evils and avert dangers, and can help ward off negative forces. In a sense, meditation is the most powerful astrology remedy. But it can only work if it is done in the right way.

First, we have to understand the function of astrology remedies. They are meant to help us heal our karma, which manifests in this life. Our karma is the result of our past actions. In order to change our past actions, we must experience pain and learn from our mistakes. There are several ways to do this, including letting go, giving to charity, fasting, and volunteering. It is important to remember that astrology remedies are not magic spells or magical rituals. You need to be serious about them, and should never use them as a bargaining chip with God. In addition, there are several different techniques used in Vedic astrology.

Vedic astrology remedies are believed to work on planets’ negative aspects and problems. They are also believed to work on the underlying values of an individual. Gemstones, for example, are a popular Vedic remedy, as each planet holds a unique connection with one of the Gemstones. The immediate effect of Gemstones on planets’ positions and energies draws a powerful impact on their natives. Yantras and Rudraksha can also work wonders.

The practice of meditation is a powerful way to transform a depressed soul into a happier one. While meditation is not a quick fix for the root cause of depression, it can transform a depressed individual into an upbeat one. Meditation can transform even the most depressed person into a cheerful one with the use of regular practices. And what’s more, it has no negative side effects. It is worth a try.

Propitiation of planets

Propitiation of planets in a chart can help prevent a range of dreaded diseases. It gives you an idea of which regions of your body are likely to be vulnerable to certain illnesses. If a planet is in a particularly unfavorable position, it can be helpful to consider how to improve its condition through propitiation. Read on for more information.

A person may be suffering from a severe planetary affliction, which is often manifested through health problems, chronic illnesses, allergies, and other symptoms. Propitiatory remedies, based on planetary tastes and Bhuta Yagyas, can help relieve some of these symptoms. These remedies can also be used to enhance positive transits. A special schedule can be created for the purposes of propitiation.

Mantras for favourable planets

The Venus mantra should be chanted twenty thousand times a day for forty days to make the venus in your birth chart favourable. The venus mantra is useful for those who want to find a new love or are struggling with love-making. The venus mantra is a favourable planet for those who are looking for a happy and successful marriage. However, it is necessary to chant it correctly to get the desired results.

While planetary mantras help the weak planets in our horoscopes, a planetary mantra is also beneficial for strong planetary positions. The Saturn mantra, for example, connects you to the qualities of Saturn. These qualities will help you overcome Saturn’s inherent difficulties. For this reason, it is recommended to consult an astrologist before chanting any planetary mantras.

In Vedic astrology, every planet exerts some influence on you. The Beej Mantra, for instance, imbibed with planetary forces, can be used to counter the negative effects of the planet. A Beej Mantra can also be used to remove a planet’s ill effects. The astrologer recite this mantra on a daily basis, so it is important to know which Beej to chant on any given day.

It is very important to understand that mantra chanting is not a substitute for meditation. Practicing mindfulness and being aware of our thoughts can help us pacify negative energies. Chanting a beej mantra can increase the positive influences of a planet in astrology. It can be very effective at rewriting our karmic blueprints. By chanting mantras, we can change our destiny!

Mantras for unfavourable planets

Mantras for unfavourable planets in your birth chart are useful for a number of reasons, from improving health to alleviating relationship issues. By chanting these mantras, you can connect with the energy of a specific planet and help it manifest its qualities in your life. You can choose the mantra based on your own vedic birth chart to use for your specific needs. Be sure to chant in the correct number and with the proper pronunciation.

The planetary position and sign in which a planet falls is an important factor. For example, a planet with a low Ashtakvarga point and weak Sarvaashtak will have lower beneficence. Using a propitiating planet can also energize the Ascendant and energize it. But the benevolent planet’s position and aspect in your chart should be the primary considerations when choosing a planet’s mantra.

Vedic astrology uses nine planets, which have both positive and negative effects. Positive planets will provide the native with material things, while negative planets will deprive the native of these things. In addition, the positions of negative planets affect other aspects of the horoscope. For example, the placement of Mercury in your birth chart makes you more likely to face problems in the workplace.

If you have a planet in the 10th house of your birth chart that is squaring your Sun, you can try chanting the beej bhang rakhi. The mantra strengthens your Sun’s power, reputation, and good will. It also helps your natal chart by enhancing the effects of your planetary position. These mantras are extremely beneficial if your kendras are in the same house as your sun.