How Tall Will I Be Based on Astrology?

How tall you will be depends on your Ascendant (asc), PAC (planets associated with your Ascendant) and Sub-lord (ascendant sub-lord). However, your zodiac sign will also have a bearing on your height. In this article, we’ll discuss how to calculate your zodiac sign’s height. You can use the following tables to find out your height:


The Planetary Aspect (PAC) connects Mercury and Mars in your horoscope. A person with these planets connected to each other will be very witty and reasonable. They also have an excellent memory and will speak fluently. They are also able to learn new languages quite easily. People with these planets in their horoscopes will be very successful in conversation and advertising. Their birth dates are usually fortunate.

PAC stands for planet aspect and control anarchical analysis of a horoscope. It is also known as the house and planet. The first PAC represents the planet’s sign. The second PAC represents the position of the planet in the horoscope. Both PACs represent the position of a planet in the horoscope. If the planets are not conjunct, there is no need to worry, because the PAC approach will show you exactly what planets are involved in the horoscope.

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Ascendant sub lord

The 7th CUSP SUB LAORD represents Mars, Jupiter, Sun and Moon. The ascendant is the ruler of the corresponding house. The corresponding planets are called the ruling planets. The planetary combinations for each planet are shown below. What’s more, each planet represents a specific aspect in the birth chart. This can tell you everything about your health, career, love life, and much more.

The sub lord of the ascendant also gives us a clue about the general health of the head. It can also provide information about your physical features, particularly when it is connected to the position of other planets or sign combinations. For example, the lagna sub lord can indicate whether or not you will get tall or short, and may also indicate whether or not you will become famous.

When interpreting your natal astrology chart, the ascendant is of great importance. It determines how you are presented to others and will influence your appearance. Your sun, a sign of the zodiac, rules the asc. The mid heaven area of your chart is also considered to be important. Your planets in the mid heaven area will indicate your height. If you’re born in the North, your Sun is in the north and your natal moon is in Gemini, then your height may be taller than others.

In terms of how tall you will be, you’ll need to take into consideration your moon’s influence. If your moon is in the second bhava, then you’ll have a hard time achieving your goals. The planets in your second bhava will have a great influence on your finances, and your relationship with others. You’ll also need a solid birth chart if you want to use astrology as a predictor.

Height of zodiac sign

What’s your zodiac sign? You could get a clue about your height from your zodiac sign’s lord. In the Capricorn zodiac sign, the tallest person is a mere four feet two inches tall. Among the other signs, the tallest one is the Sagittarius zodiac sign. But which sign is the tallest? Here are some tips that might help you choose your height based on your zodiac sign.

You can find your zodiac sign’s height by studying your Ascendant, otherwise known as your Rising Sign. While your Sun sign is more important, the Ascendant is a more general indicator of how you present yourself to the world. If you were born under a Sagittarius Sun and a Cancer Ascendant, your Ascendant is your rising sign. You will have a half or two-thirds match with the Ascendant.