What Do They Teach in Astrology?

If you’re unsure about what to learn in a general astrology course, there are three main things to consider. While observing the stars is an essential aspect of astrology, the study of planetary positions should not be limited to that. Astrology can also be used as a tool for analyzing your own chart. You can use astrology to determine the best time to do something.

AU Astrology courses

If you want to learn how to interpret your horoscope and use the information for your personal development, you should consider enrolling in one of AU Astrology courses. This comprehensive training will provide you with a better understanding of the universe and its influences, as well as an international continuing education credit certificate that will be accepted by many Astrological organizations. This certificate will also allow you to show your friends and family members that you have invested in learning something new. Furthermore, you can include it on your resume, professional social media profile, or job applications, proving to potential employers that you are committed to learning.

AU Astrology courses are very well structured, with detailed notes and examples of charts of famous people. Students will also learn about eclipses and Moon phases. Some of the materials are illustrated by music and video. Students will be able to interpret the information presented in horoscope charts, as well as learn how to use ephemeris to create them. Moreover, students will be able to use these resources to interpret past events.

AU Astrology courses will cover all the basics of astrology, from the signs of the zodiac to the effects of the planets on each other. You will also learn how to read your birth chart and develop horoscopes. You can also take an astrology workshop in your own home and explore your natal chart in a new way. All you need to do is provide your time, date, and location of birth, and you will be sent a free copy of your birth chart.


A series of modules focuses on astrological aspects. The basics of a Ptolemaic aspect are covered, such as the square, conjunction, sextile, and trine. More advanced aspects, such as the Grand Trines, are also discussed. Modules on the astrology of the houses and Yod are also available. Students interested in learning about the significations of numbers may choose this pathway.

The moon phases take up four modules. Each one has its own distinct energy and impacts our lives. The new moon, which occurs once a month, symbolizes a new beginning for everyone. The waxing moon makes itself visible in the sky, which is an excellent time to make new decisions. The full moon, which is the brightest in the sky, marks the time of harvest. Finally, the warming moon comes out in the last week of the month, and then goes back to black.

In addition to a comprehensive understanding of astrology, the modules also include a practical application. The practical application of astrological principles is demonstrated in AstroTwins, which is a way to correct an imbalanced chart. It teaches you how to make wise choices based on your chart and how to create harmony. Using your astrological knowledge, you’ll be able to determine whether you and your partner are compatible.


Symbolism in astrology traces its roots to the early Middle Ages. Early astrology uses astronomical symbols, such as the signs of the zodiac, to describe the planetary positions. The signs of the zodiac and classical planets were common, and most are derived from Byzantine codices. Today, most astrology texts utilize the same symbols. Here’s a closer look at the history of astrology’s symbols.

Some of the most common symbols in astrology come from mythology. For example, the lightning bolt represents Zeus, the god of transformation, power, and ambition. However, there is another interpretation of the lightning bolt. In the astrology field, this sign represents destruction and obsessive power. Another example is a cross with a crescent Moon and hanging cross. Another example is the Hades symbol, which represents deep buried things, decay, and esoteric concepts.

The sign of Pisces is associated with the element of water, which symbolizes growth. Despite being one of the most basic elements in the zodiac, water also represents an important role in astrology. Twelve zodiac signs are based on different temperaments, which are divided evenly into four elements. The zodiac signs most closely related to water symbolism are Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer.


Observations in astrology, as the name implies, is a form of astronomy. The constellations are celestial bodies, close together in the sky. Some of these stars are even named after celestial spaces. For example, the constellation Taurus falls during spring equinox. In addition, some constellations are considered as signs of the zodiac. But what does a constellation mean?

The word ‘astrophysic’ in astrology is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘asthama’, which means ‘observation of the stars’. Astrology has many applications in magick. It can be used for divination and to explore a person’s personality. Observations in Astrology can also be applied to rites, herbs, and crystals. This encyclopedia covers a variety of topics related to astrology.

The degree of planets in a chart determines major life events, and major events often occur at specific degrees. For example, if a progressed venus/sun conjunction occurs in the first house, the person can expect to experience his or her first significant love. Venus in the first house, in particular, can be indicative of a material love. The Sun can also influence the progression of major events in one’s life.

‘Cook book’ approach to astrology

A ‘Cook book’ approach to interpreting astrological phenomena is common among beginner astrologers, but it has its problems. First of all, the common ‘cook book’ approach to astrology often creates off-the-shelf interpretations of astrological phenomena. For example, the sun sign interpretation often ends up too simplistic for an average reader. And the most sophisticated charts are filled with astrological jargon.

This approach to astrology tries to address the first problem by making interpretations as general as possible. The problem with this approach is that it leaves students confused because the books describe too many possible behaviors for each piece of the horoscope. Thus, the resulting interpretation is both everything and nothing. In addition, it is not uncommon for two astrologers to disagree with each other on the interpretation of the same piece of horoscope.

Reputable astrologers

There are a number of reputable astrologers in astrology who are highly-regarded in the industry. Here are some of the most respected names in the field. The first and foremost is Renee Watt, a renowned astrologer who started her career four years ago. She was previously involved with witchcraft and later went on to overcome addiction and a painful divorce. Her personal experiences have helped her become an accomplished astrologer. She believes that every astrologer is unique because each person’s view of the world and personality makes them different.

It’s important to find a reputable astrologer for a variety of reasons. Not only can you use astrology to gain insight into your future, but you can also use it to plan important events in your life. Astrologers can help you find a lost object or find the perfect city to live in. Some may even be able to predict a person’s exact date of birth.

Aside from being a reputable astrologer, you can also use an app to get your daily horoscope. One such app is Chani Nicholas’ free daily horoscope. The website features a free astrology app and has over one million monthly readers. Chani Nicholas’ experience and expertise are also worth mentioning because her work has been featured on popular websites and in prestigious publications like Oprah Magazine and The New York Times.