Where to Start Studying Astrology

So, where should you start? You may be overwhelmed with the choice. The books on astrology are confusing and some of them are actually pretty lame. But there are also some great ones! There are some tips you can follow when buying astrology books and if you’re not sure what to read, try following the transits of planets. The transits of planets give a general idea of where the planets are in the sky.

Birth charts

If you’re interested in astrology, you should start with your birth chart. Astrology provides a mirror for your inner growth and yearnings, working on the ancient Hermetic principle, “as above, so below.” Because the cosmos reflects your personality, using your birth chart will help you understand and interpret your own personality. Using your birth chart as a starting point is the best way to learn astrology.

The birth chart is a basic blueprint of your personality, indicating your strengths and weaknesses. You should be aware of your Sun sign and Moon sign, and how they interact with each other. You should know the aspects of each sign if you want to understand the gifts and challenges you face in life. You should also know your rising sign and how your moon sign interacts with your sun sign. It is important to understand your Moon sign and the needs it influences in your physical and emotional life.

A birth chart can be difficult to interpret if you don’t know your exact time of birth, but there are ways to get an estimate of the sunrise and sunset times. Another option is to pay for an in-depth reading from an astrologer. In addition to learning about your natal chart, you can learn more about your career and relationships through astrology books. In addition, using birth charts as a starting point for learning about the planets can lead you to a fulfilling career.

When studying astrology, you should know that your horoscope is not the whole story. Birth charts contain a wealth of information about your life. The planets in your birth chart determine your relationships with others, and understanding your own birth chart can help you make a wiser decision about your future. It can also provide insight into your motivations and desires. The more you learn about astrology, the better.

A birth chart can show how the planets affect you in the present. The inner planets, called house placements, are associated with various aspects. The outer planets, such as Mars and Venus, point to different aspects of your personality. These aspects can be seen in different angles, such as conjunction (0 degrees apart), sextile (60 degrees apart), or square (90 degrees apart).


Conferences for studying astrology can be valuable, but which ones are the best? In this article, we’ll explore a few of the top options. In addition to traditional astrology conferences, you might want to check out skywatching events. Skywatching sessions are an especially unique educational opportunity for astrology students. This unique event features skywatching sessions with renowned astrologer Adam Gainsburg, who has developed a deep relationship with the planets and sky movements.

Vibrational Astrology Conference: This event takes place in Gainesville, Florida, and welcomes a variety of astrological backgrounds. The speakers will share their latest insights in birth charts and vibrational astrology. Many of them are actively conducting research and will present their findings briefly. These new discoveries may open up new avenues of chart interpretation. For more information, check out their website. And remember to bring along your astrologer friends!

Conferences for Vedic Astrology: Attending Vedic astrology conferences is an excellent way to learn more about Vedic astrology. Several speakers will speak in the Vedic tradition. You’ll also find vendors from the Vedic astrology industry at the Trade Show. The lectures will be in English, and you’ll be able to ask questions of them. Besides these conferences, you can also take courses on astrology at home. You can purchase books about astrology or watch videos about how to interpret horoscopes.

Some of the best astrology conferences are those hosted by internationally recognized astrologers. These experts share their knowledge and insights with other astrology students. Depending on where you’re based, you can find some of the best ones in your area. If you’re in New York or London, consider attending a conference that teaches astrology. Some conferences are held in the United States, while others are held abroad.

During the 23rd FAA Conference, astrology professionals will gather to celebrate the theme of crossroads. Three major planetary pairings will reach a crossroads in 2020. A planetary crossroads signifies a time of renewal, endings, and beginnings. These themes will be discussed at the conjunction, the seed moment when a cycle begins anew. In other words, conference attendees will learn how to make their careers flourish.

Online courses

Online astrology courses can open the door to a new level of understanding. Astrology is more than just a “star sign,” and it can reveal many layers of our lives. Learning how the Moon affects your life can provide a deeper understanding of your motivations, choices, and strengths. It can also help you discover how your natal chart can influence your life’s goals. You can learn how to better understand your personality traits, as well as make healthier decisions.

Some reputable online astrology courses offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for their students. However, it is important to keep in mind that an annual membership offers only a seven-day cancellation period. This type of online astrology course is not a substitute for formal certification. You can learn about the principles of astrology, and become certified for free. Then, you can use your newfound knowledge to practice and become a successful astrologer.

Many people turn to astrology for practical purposes. Some people even become fortune tellers or yoga teachers. Some courses teach you the skills and techniques you need to start earning money from astrology. It can also help you improve your career by preparing you for the next level. The possibilities are endless! So why wait any longer? Take advantage of the many online astrology courses available today. Just remember to do some research and choose a program that fits your needs.

Online astrology courses can also help you understand your own birth chart. The course also covers Vedic astrology. It includes 90 pages of research. This information is extremely useful for aspiring astrologers or those who want to use astrology as a career. And because of the quality of the course material, it’s easy to see how this can help you. There’s nothing worse than learning about your own chart when you’re unfamiliar with it!

While online astrology courses are convenient, they aren’t always the best option. For one thing, online astrology courses require more time than self-paced courses. A self-paced course can be overwhelming if you’re not motivated enough to study. If that’s the case, webinar-based courses allow you to interact with professors and other students, which can lead to a more consistent learning experience. But it’s also important to remember that the self-paced courses may not be the best option for someone with little motivation.


Books for studying astrology are a great way to start learning the intricacies of astrology and find the best match for your personality. These books contain information on compatibility between various signs, money, relationships, lifestyle, and romance. You’ll also find advice on how to deal with complicated aspects of each sign. The most recent editions of these books focus on the individual’s emotional needs and inner life, and are ideal for intermediate-level students.

This is an excellent, comprehensive introduction to the study of astrology. It breaks down the signs into decanates and explains the meanings of the major aspects. It also has sections on natal charts and free astrology reports from sites such as Astrodienst. It also provides an overview of the transits of the various planets. You’ll also find some helpful astrology books in a wealth of online resources, including a comprehensive encyclopedia.

Books for studying astrology can provide valuable information, but some people find the information too complicated or repetitive. There are many different signs and planetary positions in astrology, as well as predictions for new and full moons. Choose one that contains the information you’re looking for. Check reviews online to see which astrology books have received high ratings. A good book will have a rating of 4.5 or higher. When shopping for astrology books, keep in mind your budget and whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced reader.

Star Power: This book is a useful guide for beginners who want to learn about astrology. It provides a concise history of astrology, a glossary of Astro-related terms, and a guide for reading a birth chart. Each chapter is full of information and explanations on how to interpret the various planets and the zodiacs. A comprehensive study of astrology can help you overcome your insecurity and achieve your full potential.

The Secret Language series: Using astrology to improve your life is an excellent way to get started. This series of books breaks years down into 48 “weeks” and highlights the unique personality traits of each period. With over 1,000 combinations of personalities in each book, this series will satiate your curiosity and improve your life. The authors provide exercises and coping mechanisms for each sign, as well as a section on how to improve your life.