Which Planets Are Good In Astrology?

We’ve all heard that Jupiter is the most powerful planet in astrology, but which planets are best for you? Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus are all great choices for your natal chart. But which ones are good in general? And what about Vargottama? How does that planet affect your relationship with others? Find out in this article. We’ll also explore the importance of balancing your planets and how to choose the right ones for your chart.


In astrology, Neptune is the planet of illusion and mystery. Its placement can cause confusion, stress, and addiction. However, it can also bring about great inspiration. The planet’s influence can be a blessing in disguise. Read on to discover how to best use Neptune in your life. Its symbol is similar to the trident of Poseidon, with a crescent placed above the cross of matter.

The sign of Libra is ruled by Neptune, the planet of the scales. As a result, Libra lends a modality of peacekeeping to Neptune. It was during the last Neptune cycle in Libra that India gained independence, and the United Nations was founded. While Neptune in Libra is a positive aspect, natives of this sign may have difficulty committing to causes and tendencies that are aimed at the mass.

People with Neptune in their natal chart will experience great inspiration and creativity. Their spiritual mission can be manifested through extrasensory perceptions. The generation with Neptune in Gemini will seek divinely inspired communication. The Aries generation will be deeply emotional and seek fulfillment through the arts. Aries has a strong desire to connect with others and explore the world. Aries natives should be open-minded and strive to learn new things.


While many people believe that Jupiter is good in astrology, there are some downsides to this benefic planet. There are many combinations of this planet with other signs in the zodiac, including the mutable signs. These are listed below. If you are wondering which combination is best for you, keep reading. Jupiter is a great planet, but it also has some negative aspects that can interfere with your progress in life.

When Jupiter rules a horoscope, it can make you a practical person who measures things and analyzes work meticulously to ensure accuracy. When Jupiter is in Virgo, you may find it easier to locate small objects or vital information. This makes you a practical person who tends to avoid mistakes. This is a good placement for a mystic, spiritual guide, or anyone who values knowledge.

If you have a strong Jupiter in your horoscope, you will likely have a successful career or financial success. You will be respected, popular, and respected by others. Jupiter’s benefic energy is also beneficial for your health and well-being. It can also bring good luck in the form of money or real estate. A stronger Jupiter can also attract negative energies and poor health. If your horoscope is showing a strong Jupiter in your horoscope, you may want to seek out a certified astrologer who can help you.


In astrology, Uranus is a planet of change and rebellion, often associated with revolution and radical social change. Its influence is often very strong in Aquarius, the sign traditionally ruled by Saturn. Because of its eccentric orbit, Uranus is said to have the same characteristics as Venus, the ruler of Leo. The planet’s vibe is all about originality, creativity, and revolution.

The planet spends seven years in each sign, so it should be placed anywhere in the birth chart. It is symbolized by a crossed H on top of a circle, named after the astronomer who discovered it. In Europe, Uranus has a similar glyph to Mars, with a dot in the center. For example, a Scorpio born with Uranus in Libra may have issues with matrimonial duties.

Those born with Uranus in their birth chart tend to be more adventurous and outgoing, as they are more likely to try new things. However, they can be erratic in nature and may feel irritable or grumpy when dealing with others. Intense gloom is also a common characteristic of Uranus individuals. They are attracted to leadership roles, such as politicians, but are not necessarily leaders.

During the mid-life crisis, a person may experience a trine or opposition to Uranus in their birth chart. These astrological configurations are often referred to as Uranus synchronicity, and mean living authentically and making changes that reflect the changing self. They can also bring about a sudden change in the course of their lives. If you’re born under the signs of the planet Uranus, you might be able to take advantage of this planetary energy to achieve your goals.


The term ‘vargottama’ refers to the planets in the same zodiac sign in two charts. This is possible when the planet occupies the same sign in both natal and divisional charts. The Sun, for example, could be a Vargottama planet in Aries. The Sun has an average daily movement of one degree, so if it’s a Vargottama planet in your birth chart, it’s still operational for at least two days.

If you have a vargottama planet in your chart, you’ll enjoy success in any field that relates to that element. For example, a planet with the same element as Mercury would indicate an opportunity to pursue an academic career. A person with a Mercury vargottama planet will likely enjoy success in teaching and law, and have a knack for knowing things. However, you should avoid placing it in Capricorn.

The digital roots of the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses are associated with dharma, or ethical ways of life. Planets in these houses have vargottama navamsha, making them dharmic, whole, and pure. The A-1 navamsha is a reflection of the planet’s vargottama, so planets in this sign will be willing participants in their life.

Neptune in Pisces

If your sign is Pisces, you are probably interested in the Neptune in the sign. These people are highly intuitive and are likely to be compassionate to others, even if they do not know you personally. They are sensitive and will put themselves in others’ shoes to understand their feelings. Having this planet in your sign makes it easy to help others when they need it the most. Neptune in Pisces is an astrological sign that makes you a natural healer, but you must be willing to work on your own healing.

The astrological placement of Neptune in Pisces is beneficial in many ways, but perhaps none more than in your love life. Neptune is associated with healing and therapy. The house that Neptune occupies can reveal the ways in which you can help the world. This is particularly helpful if your house is ruled by Neptune. Similarly, a person born under this planetary combination is likely to have a deeper understanding of themselves through their Neptune placement.

If your native sign is a Pisces, you can expect the transit of Neptune in their first house. This will cause Pisces natives to take their emotions more seriously. Neptune’s retrograde in Pisces is positive because they will become sensitive and understanding of life outside of their imagination. They will become more social and popular, adopting a caring, generous demeanor. Their ability to connect with others will also help them develop spiritually.

Jupiter in Leo

A Leo with Jupiter in its natal position believes that luck is on their side. The sign of Leo is bold, confident, and big-hearted. This type of energy attracts good luck. A Leo can also be very charismatic, playing the role of a strong person for weak people. It is important to know what Jupiter in Leo means for you, though. The following are three important ways Jupiter in Leo can help you in life.

People born under this planetary configuration may have a strong desire to pursue romance, cross-cultural relationships, or long-distance relationships. They may also be overly sensitive and need some support to overcome their feelings of inadequacy. Although Jupiter in Leo is good in astrology, it can be difficult to find love and be faithful to a partner. Leos are naturally attracted to people who can inspire them and show them how much they love them.

People born under Jupiter in Leo usually have high ambitions and a deep desire for fame. While they are usually benevolent, they tend to feel the need for recognition and power, and this is one of the traits of a Jupiter sign. They are usually married to high-profile people who have an influence on their lives. A Jupiter in Leo can also lead to a successful career in business, politics, counseling, or higher education.