Who Should Not Wear Silver Astrology Jewelry?

Who Should Wear Silver? It depends on your zodiac sign. People born under the signs of Pisces, Leo and Cancer are fortunate enough to wear silver. People born under the signs of Sagittarius, Leo and Aries should avoid wearing silver jewelry. If you want to know why, you should read the following articles. Here, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of wearing silver jewelry.


The Gemstones for Gemini can vary in color and shape. Emerald, for example, is considered lucky for the love life, and this gemstone can be a great gift for a Gemini partner. Emerald is also thought to enhance holistic relationships with family members and will control expenses. It is also good for a relationship and can help with anxiety. Gemini should avoid wearing silver, however, as it can cause problems for a Gemini partner.

Silver is an excellent choice for those with Mercury and Leo. It’s affordable and looks elegant, so many people choose it for their astrological sign. There are also numerous other benefits for silver jewellery. The Gemstones for Gemini should reflect your personality and help you understand your planetary influences. The Gemstones should be matched to your astrological sign and the gemstones. The gemstones should be matched to your personality and your daily activities.

Unlike other zodiac signs, Geminis are prone to spending money and are therefore a good candidate for wearing gold. Silver is an excellent choice for those who have silver in their astrological sign, while gold suits those with Gemini. Besides that, gold is not the only colour a Gemini should wear. Gold and silver are more versatile than each other, and they can be used to complement the other sign’s character.

A Gemini silver pendant with Panna will bring harmony and confidence to the native. The Green Emerald, also called Panna, is also a great choice for Geminis, as it emits positive vibrations. The gemstone’s color will help Geminis maintain harmony. They also have to be careful not to overdo it, as they’re prone to reckless behavior. However, silver pendants with Green Emeralds can help Geminis control their nerves.

When choosing jewellery for your Gemini, remember to think of what you are looking for. Bright colours are best for this sign, so choose pieces with a splash of color. Geminis are attracted to the latest trends and enjoy individual pieces. Their intuitiveness and emotional senses make them ideal for wearing silver jewels, as they are naturally expressive. Geminis are also good at interpreting other people’s moods.


While silver is not the best metal to wear, Taurus will appreciate a necklace that features a diamond. However, if your birthstone is silver, you may want to opt for a different metal. Sapphire is the most popular choice for a Taurus jewelry piece, but you may also want to consider Emerald, Amber, or even a combination of these stones. When choosing a piece of jewelry, remember to energize it with the mantra Om Bram Brim Braum Sah Shukraya Namah.

Despite their stubborn nature, Tauruses are devoted to their work, and will go the extra mile to achieve their goals. Their workaholic habits can be problematic, as they often tend to tell the truth, even if it is unpleasant. Nevertheless, in today’s world, diplomacy is a must, and a Taurus Silver Pendant may be just the thing to help you overcome these qualities.

Whether you’re wearing silver jewelry or gold, the color you wear should suit your personality. If you’re a Taurus, you’ll look like a charming and confident individual when wearing silver. Similarly, if you’re a Virgo, wearing purple jewelry is a good way to calm your mind. This color can also help you gain a fresh perspective on things. Plus, purple jewelry can be a source of joy for Libras.

Wearing gemstone jewellery will help your love life. Wearing this kind of jewellery will bring you more happiness, success, and a sparkling new sparkle to your life. It can also bring you great luck and protection. The Zodiac pendant necklace can look great on any woman and can complement any fashion sense. You can also give your loved ones a Taurus Silver Pendant to show your uniqueness. If you’re not sure which type of silver jewellery to buy, you can check out the designs available on MyPandit.

However, astrological experts recommend wearing gold jewelry for Taurus. The metal will enhance your appearance and bring prosperity to your life. Moreover, it will improve your navel and hormones. Therefore, wearing silver jewelry can help you live a long, healthy life. As a Taurus, you’re not meant to wear silver jewelry on your wrists and feet. In addition, gold jewelry can cause mental stress and illnesses.


If you’re a Virgo, you might be wondering if you should wear silver jewelry. After all, a Virgo is a perfectionist and is prone to spending a lot of money on accessories. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to accessorise your outfits if you don’t wear silver. You can pick up a Virgo pendant necklace, or one for another zodiac sign.

Virgo should wear blue topaz rings, as it brings peace into your life and calms your easily-angry temperament. Wearing a blue topaz ring will also help you to reveal secrets during conversations. Besides that, it can help you to express your innermost secrets without being spotted. The Virgo birthstone is the sapphire. If you are a Virgo, try to wear blue topaz or sapphire jewelry.

According to Linda Berry, an international astrologer and best-selling spiritual author, red attracts attention and represents fame and reputation. However, she warns that it is not a good color for Aries. Because Aries is a fire sign, they need a daring color to express their passion. If you wear a red ring, you are setting yourself up for a lot of trouble, so it’s better to go with a neutral color.

Virgo natives are methodical and analytical. They strive to create a perfect world. Virgos are known to be critical of others and can even trigger their hatred. Fortunately, their gemstone represents Mercury, the ruling planet of their zodiac. Virgos should avoid wearing silver if they wish to avoid problems in their lives. A silver necklace will attract ill luck. When worn by a Virgo, silver will attract bad luck and failure in every endeavor.

For a Virgo ascendant, blue sapphire is a wonderful choice. Sapphire is the sister to ruby and is believed to be associated with cosmic energies. It is also associated with Lord Shani and Saturn in Hindu astrology. It’s also a good choice to compliment a sapphire with other gemstones, such as ruby or emerald. It’s hard to find a perfect pair of earrings or a necklace for Virgos.


People with this zodiac sign are often tempted to wear silver. It may blend with their skin tone, but silver is a neutral metal for Aquarians. Silver has many benefits for Aquarians. It can control overactive emotions and help strengthen the moon. It can also relieve ailments like cough and cold, and can help with bone issues. An Aquarius pendant necklace in silver is the perfect addition to any Aquarius’s jewelry.

People born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are shy and introverted. They prefer to be alone and deep-thinkers. They also love light blue colors. They are also lucky to wear silver, as silver represents air quality. However, Aquarius should avoid wearing silver jewelry if they are a fire sign. Silver is considered a lucky metal for Aquarians. So, when wearing silver jewelry, make sure that it is not a pendant that is shaped like a fire sign.

For those with a Leo Ascendant, it is advisable to wear Red Coral. Red Coral is an auspicious gemstone. It has a powerful effect on the Aquarian ascendant. Wearing this piece of jewelry will improve your health and give you a deeper spiritual understanding of the world. It will also increase your wealth. The 11th house rules all profits and the elder brother. The planets Jupiter and Mars are friendly and can be beneficial to Aquarius.

If you are an Aquarius ascendant, you should avoid wearing pearls. They are considered harmful for Aquarius, as they bring bad health and financial obstacles. Instead, wear a ruby or diamond. You can also wear silver for this zodiac sign. However, avoid wearing silver if you are an Aquarian. The Moon is the lord of the 6th house, which makes it a malefic planet for Aquarius. As such, silver is best avoided by Aquarians.

If you want to avoid any problems in your life, consider wearing a piece of silver or other metal that blends in well with silver. Aquarius is a highly independent, visionary sign, and has a unique ability to blend in with many different personalities. They are capable of becoming a party animal or a silent sage. Aquarius loves to mingle with other metals and can blend with other metals as well.