Why Does Birth Place Matter in Astrology?

Did you know that your time of birth determines your Ascendant and Midheaven? These two points represent the highest points in your chart. The midheaven moves very fast, making one full cycle through all 12 signs of the zodiac every twenty-four hours. Your Rising sign influences your overall personality and vibe, while Mercury is retrograde and affects communication and technology. In this article, we will discuss why your birth place matters in astrology.

Birth place determines the Ascendant

The Ascendant is the rising sign in an individual’s horoscope. It is often considered the most important house of the horoscope because it determines the most basic aspects of life. The Ascendant also impacts a person’s initial reactions in a new environment. So, a person born at 10 a.m. in April would have a very different ascendant than someone born at that same time in November.

If you are unsure of what planets rule your Ascendant, you can always use your natal Ascendant to figure out which houses govern your personality. Mercury, for example, rules the ascendant of Gemini, so he is the chart ruler of that sign. This planet sets the tone of the whole chart. The rising planet is generally the nearest to the Ascendant. The Rising Planet can be in the first or twelfth house, depending on the sign of the ascendant.

The Ascendant is derived from the rising sign of the zodiacal chart. It represents one’s overall personality and social outlook. The Ascendant influences one’s physical appearance, emotional personality, and disposition. Transiting planets in the First House can manifest new ideas, goals, and perspectives. This is an important aspect in astrology because it correlates with Aries energy.

Ascendant determines the structure and operations of your chart

The Ascendant is the first sign of your natal chart and establishes the “chart ruler.” This means that the Ascendant is the central point of your life, determining your lived experience, your long-term trajectory, and how you relate to the world around you. Understanding your Ascendant offers a profound insight into your narrative. This is the key to recognizing the truth, and knowing your Ascendant illuminates your reality.

Rising sign determines behaviors, personality, and overall vibe

If you were born under a Virgo sun, you’d naturally be very conservative and charitable, and the Virgo rising person would be equally as meticulous. On the other hand, a Pisces sun is more dreamy, imaginative, and creative. She was an avid reader, had a great husband, and a city loft full of original artwork. In addition, the rising sign of a Virgo is Pisces, a water sign and a creative one.

The rising sign determines the outward appearance and behavior of a person. This is their way of relating to the world and conveying themselves to others. Rising signs are influenced by the sun and moon, and can influence the way we act and interact with other people. The rising sign will influence our overall approach to life, and will help us know our true potential. Your zodiac rising sign will also help us understand the type of relationship we have with our significant others.

Mercury retrogrades affect communication and technology

The best way to avoid problems when Mercury is retrograde is to be extra careful when communicating. People are prone to making assumptions and jumping to conclusions, and you may find yourself misinterpreting messages that you were intending to be loving. It’s also not a good time to buy gifts because they could end up out of stock or be a waste of money. And don’t make the mistake of trying to communicate using the latest technology.

One way to prevent communication and technology problems is to be prepared for a Mercury retrograde beforehand. While it’s tempting to shut everything down and reread your favorite podcast, a Mercury retrograde will have a negative impact on your devices. If you use smart watches, back up your data now so you don’t lose everything. Mercury rules technology, so it’s easy to forget to back up any data before the slowdown starts.

While Mercury rules communication and technology, Mercury retrogrades can cause chaos. Try to avoid making major decisions or plans during Mercury retrogrades. Instead, try to relax and enjoy some time alone. You may want to redecorate your room or relax with a cup of tea. Regardless of how you spend your time, Mercury retrogrades can bring about some amazing opportunities for you. Soak up these wonderful opportunities and make sure to listen to your intuition.

Fixed signs dominate a natal chart

Those born under a Fixed sign tend to be obstinate and stubborn. These people will often stick to their guns and will not change their ways unless something fundamentally changes. Fixed signs are also less likely to be flexible and willing to adapt to change than other zodiac signs. They will also tend to hold on to things longer than they should and may have a tendency to hoard things. These traits will likely prevent them from being successful at work or in relationships.

When Fixed Signs dominate a natal chart, it is likely that these traits will be apparent to others. However, these characteristics are often overshadowed by the Moon and other planets in the chart. Therefore, it is important to analyze the placement of Fixed Signs in your natal chart to make sure that the fixed signs do not dominate your natal chart. If this is the case, you should focus on other aspects of your natal chart.

If Fixed Signs dominate your natal chart, you should consider what your sign is most useful for you. Fixed signs are known as visionaries. They can be immovable and stubborn, and they are often the “doers” of the zodiac. They are also good at planning, organizing, and executing. They can be very good at starting new projects and executing existing ones. You should pay attention to this aspect if you want to achieve success.

Midheaven is a point on your chart that traditionally reflect your career or chosen vocation or interest

Your career is most likely reflected by your career in the Midheaven, a point in your chart traditionally reflecting your career or chosen vocation or interest. Geminis have an affinity for fast pace and unique experiences, and they may be drawn to careers involving social interaction and sensitivity. They may also pursue careers in the entertainment industry, as their Midheaven is ruled by Mercury, the messenger.

The Midheaven can also indicate your professional success. The presence of the midheaven in any sign is a positive sign. In general, people with the Midheaven in Pisces are likely to find joy in creative professions or in the healing arts. The Midheaven can also indicate your personal inner life, and it can be a good indicator of where you’ll find the most fulfillment.

People with a Leo Midheaven are bold and ambitious. They often excel in a career that involves leadership, involving others and having fun. However, they need to know when to stand their ground, and learn from criticism. If they do have the Midheaven in Leo, they can also excel in the arts and in a business that involves a lot of traveling.

If your Midheaven falls in a sign other than a Sun-Scorpio sign, you may have a more ambitious or impulsive personality. People with a Capricorn Midheaven are often ambitious and driven, and are prone to success and achievement. Capricorns also tend to excel in fields that are traditionally respected.