Will Priyanka Gandhi Become PM?

Is it possible for Priyanka Gandhi to become PM? This article will explore her horoscope and her chances in the general election. The astrology behind Rahul Gandhi’s political career also has much to offer. Read on to learn more about Priyanka Gandhi’s horoscope and chances in the general election. Originally from the United States, Rahul is a renowned astrologer who has predicted the political life of many politicians.

Priyanka Gandhi’s horoscope

If Priyanka Gandhi is born under a Pisces ascendant, then her horoscope will indicate that she will be the next PM. Her Mars and Rahu aspects are not so good. Her Moon is in a debilitating sign, and her planetary placements are not favorable for longevity. She may experience an increase in health problems, and her horoscope may reflect that.

Her horoscope shows that Priyanka Gandhi can accept a formal position within the congress party. Her Sun and Jupiter conjunction in her lagna chart also indicate that she can accept a formal position within the party. As the lord of the 3 rd house of success, this planet indicates that she can have great success with her brother.

Her father, Rajive Gandhi, is the former prime minister of India. During the period of Mercury-Rahu, Priyanka was running with him from 1989 to 1992. Her father’s Rahu is in the 8th house, the house of mourning, and her Sun is in the 2nd house from Rahu. In both charts, the Rahu becomes a Maraka for the father. This aspect indicates a great deal of difficulty for the government during her first year of office.

Priyanka Gandhi’s natal chart is interesting. The planet Rahu, the ruler of the masses, is also in her horoscope. It is interesting that her planet Rahu has such an influence over Jupiter, which is in her sign. Despite these aspects, Priyanka Gandhi’s Mercury is closely linked to her Dev Guru, or ruler of the masses. She will have good depth of thought, as well as creativity in her actions. Furthermore, Rahu’s close relationship to Jupiter makes her more inclined toward religion and service.

Priyanka Gandhi’s planetary placements show that her chart has a moderately good position. However, it is important to remember that her Sun and 11th lord are both in neecha. The weakest part of her chart, the 8th house, is ruled by Saturn. Therefore, she can’t rise above a moderate level. Fortunately, her 9th lord Mercury is in a Rajayoga, and she has a favorable relationship with her 3rd lord, Jupiter. The Vargottama 11th lord Sun makes her enter politics.

Priyanka Gandhi’s career

According to her Pm Astrology chart, Priyanka Gandhi will enter the political arena during the dasha of Venus-Saturn. Venus is the lord of her lagna in Saptamsha and the 5th house in her Rashi chart. Her career will be influenced by the planets in this house, which rule over the house of children and the 5th house in the Rashi chart.

Moreover, in Priyanka’s Lagna chart, Venus is the 5 th lord of Gemini. It is placed in the 9th house of luck and gets an aspect from Saturn in the 12th house. During the month of March 2004, Venus dasha was active and provided political power to Sonia Gandhi and her party, the Congress. The two became the de facto rulers of the country.

As a Capricorn, Priyanka Gandhi’s political future will be marked by a struggle. However, her efforts are likely to yield good results in the upcoming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Priyanka Gandhi’s relationship with Rahul has weathered the storms of politics, and they will continue to share leadership roles in the party. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi will remain an active politician, but Priyanka will lead the party’s affairs from the top.

Priyanka Gandhi’s Jupiter is in the 7th house, signifying her speech abilities. Her Jupiter is in the Navamsha Horoscope in Aries. Jupiter is an energy exchange planet, and a career in politics is highly likely under this influence. The planets Mars and Rahu are the other prominent planets in Priyanka Gandhi’s chart.

If Priyanka Gandhi’s Rahul chart shows her to be the future face of India’s democracy, then she is poised to become a prime minister. This is in contrast to Rahul’s lack of charisma and intellect. In other words, the Rahul chart is more favourable to Priyanka Gandhi. However, the Virgo birth chart indicates that she will be the face of India’s next prime minister, so her presence in Pm Astrology may have a positive impact.

According to the Sun’s position, Priyanka Gandhi may be able to get a ministerial position during the maha dasha of Sun, which runs from March 2024 to March 2030. The Dwisaptati Sama Dasha, on the other hand, runs from November 2020 to November 2029. During this time, Rahu will be in the 8th house, which will make her unexpectedly rise in political circles. Additionally, Raja-Lakshan Yoga is indicative of a revival of the Congress party.

Priyanka Gandhi’s chances in general election

Priyanka Gandhi’s chances of winning the upcoming general election are in doubt. While Rahul Gandhi lacks the charisma and savvy to appeal to voters, he is the type of politician that does not strike a chord with the masses. He appears to think that they will vote for him regardless of what he does, which is not true. Meanwhile, Priyanka has a natural affinity for people, and she exudes warmth and charisma. She has no political savvy, but she is a good communicator.

If Priyanka Gandhi runs against PM Modi, her presence in the poll arena will likely add a little fizz to the election campaign. However, it is unlikely to catapult Congress to the top position. In fact, there are several reasons why this won’t happen. Firstly, Congress has lost a lot of key leaders in the last elections, including Beni Prasad Verma, Jagdambika Pal, and Nandgopal Nandi.

Another reason why Rahul Gandhi has not performed well is that he has not done much to rejuvenate the party. While Rahul Gandhi has made occasional appearances in the political scene, he has not done much to motivate and inspire demoralised troops. Ultimately, the voters will perceive Congress as weak and ineffective, which will lead to the failure of the party. As a result, Rahul Gandhi’s “bomb” may turn out to be a dud.

One way to boost Priyanka Gandhi’s chances of winning the upcoming general election is to focus on her political background. She was the first female Congress general secretary and she ran a high-voltage campaign in UP. She also gave 40% of the party’s tickets to women candidates. Her campaign strategy in Uttar Pradesh proved to be successful. While many say that it is all about staying in the game, it seems that the BJP is the more logical choice for most voters.

While Rahul Gandhi has promised to field 40 per cent women candidates, the party is also giving debutants a chance to prove themselves. This strategy is meant to build a new leadership in the Hindi heartland, which has slipped from the party’s control in recent years. In Uttar Pradesh alone, 119 candidates will make their electoral debuts, with results due on March 10.

Rahul Gandhi’s horoscope

Rahul Gandhi’s astrological sign relates to his political career. Jupiter is moving in Rahul’s favor in September 2017, which will help him appear more confident in his leadership role as party leader. But until April 2019, Rahul Gandhi will face challenges in changing the public’s perception of Congress and its establishment. Then, his grip on the party establishment will begin to loosen. But before that, Rahul Gandhi’s horoscope says that he will have a successful election campaign.

The horoscope of Rahul Gandhi reveals that he was born in a sign that relates to politics. His Ascendant, a Libra, is located in Sagittarius. Besides, his moon is in the sign of Sagittarius. This combination makes him more charismatic and he has a strong desire to fulfill his mother’s dreams. Although he lacks the yogas, Rahul’s next life will be dominated by Rahu mahadasha, which is auspicious for political careers.

The transit of Rahu and Ketu through the 5th house axis shows various difficulties. This aspect can cause mental pressures. Mr. Gandhi may seem hapless and he might be the center of attention. Jupiter’s retrograde motion through the Ascendant, however, can help him overcome these obstacles. The planetary positions of Mercury, Jupiter, and Ketu also indicate increased travel and expenses.

The Sun is in the tenth house, which can be a good thing. But Rahul’s horoscope is not completely favorable for the upcoming elections. This is not good news for his political career. This position in Rahul’s horoscope does not bode well for the Congress party. The Rahul Gandhi horoscope is one to follow. If the Rahul Gandhi chart is accurate, he could become the next prime minister of the country.

In terms of the election, Rahul’s political career has a challenging period ahead. Mercury starts the year in the third house, which will allow him to display his talents. Mid-January, Mars will transit into Scorpio, giving Rahul an opportunity to reach new heights. During the month of August, he may get the support of other political parties. So, in the year of 2018, Rahul may find himself on the political map!